….Whose your Zodiac?….

Many of us have taken a peek at our zodiac sign out of curiosity as to what astrology claims is our personality along with fun facts such as, who we are compatible with and what our best occupation would be. And many of us….read our sign and think….whoa….that is totally me!!

Well….I’m a Capricorn….the 10th sign of zodiac represented by a goat with a fish’s tail and extending from December 22 to January 19. My high level interpretation of myself is…
1. Outgoing aka social butterfly
2. Hard worker aka work hard play harder
3. Perfectionist aka get it right the first time
4. Task master aka do your job or your assigned chores & I won’t have to micro manage you
5. Loyal aka I got your back….but if you stab me to death(meaning you have had a lot of chances)….you will be sliced from my pack
6. Hates surprises aka I want to look good if I’m gonna be at a party aka hates to be embarrassed & I don’t like to be caught off guard because of something my children did & I have no explanation to back them or nail them to the wall
7. LOVES TO SHOP aka a teeny bit materialist at best
8. Community rebel rouser aka loves to do community service and pay it forward
9. Rule follower aka only if it’s posted …the 10 commandments, airport, street signs, directions etc…with the exception of speed limits
10. Planner aka extremely organized…wants to know the plan and logistics in advance
11. LOVE my family and friends aka will cut a crazy person for ya
12. Likes to be invited even if you know I can’t come….aka hates to be alone and left out

So what does my Zodiac sign say?? I looked it up after writing my high level interpretation of myself….and it says:
Personality Traits of a Capricorn….
•Good organizational skills
•Neat & tidy
•Strong work ethic
•Materialistic tendencies
•Respects authority
•Cruel taskmaster
•Excessive perfectionism

•Simple food
•Not being pressured
•Unconditional love

•Being teased
•New ideas & paths
•Being useless
•Public embarrassment

Hmmm….pretty close wouldn’t you say? So for those of us who need a little self-reflection for pure entertainment purposes….write down who you think you are….and then Bing your sign.

Here’s to self reflection….sometimes looking in the mirror does not return the real you….CHEERS!!!


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