Chivalry 103……

If you have read my blog…you would know that chivalry is one of my all time favorite most special experiences ever. Chivalry is not dead and if we continue training generation after generation….we may soon find that it becomes hip and popular again. Chivalry 101 and 102 should be mastered by now… let’s move to the next steps…….these next tips are best trained during the late teen and young adult years.

Helping a lady with her coat……To institute this action you can do it one of two ways.  Fast track training would be to hand the coat to your subject, turn around, and put your arms in the putting your coat on position.  Slow track….put one arm in …. and ask for help with the other… either way continue this action until they simply know what to do.  Unfortunately, once summer comes…….you may have to retrain the next winter.

Walking on the outside of the street……my daddy NEVER let my mom and me walk closest to the street.  He would always move to the outside thus protecting us from any impending danger such as a run away car or kidnapper.  This for some reason always seem to melt me most.  To institute this training, simply move to the inside of the street everytime you are walking on a sidwalk.  This by far is the easiest chivalry act to train. Most men won’t question your action.. but like pavlov’s dog…they will just know what to do the minute they hit a sidewalk!

Chivalry is best trained by both parents….regardless of living situations…a male child can always learn how to respect the opposite sex through consistent demonstrations of cater and candor.  Some women are feminists and feel they can open their own door, pull out their own chair and put on their own coats…..that’s fine for them.  But this girl….enjoys the special attention and action it takes to be mindful and observant of a woman.  Whether they know her or not……A gentleman is always noticed for his manners & charming ways.

Here’s to well trained…well crafted….chivalry mastered men…and here’s to the adults who instilled its art form….may the gift of chivalry never die…..and the exceptance of its grace never be shunned…….CHEERS!!!


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