I’ve got your drag……..

There are times in life when we experience a moment in time that brings us down.  There are times in life when we may go thru a spell of what feels like unending sadness. There are times in life when our sadness is purely seasonal….kinda like allergies…you suffer a bit….when the season is over….you’re fine. There’s the very real stabbing of post partum depression that sucks you out of your normal life into bouts of crying for reasons you can’t explain to highs of extreme manic energy…but for those times in life….most people bounce back and never feel that pull of darkness again.  .. But for some people…..the struggle to see the light is a daily battle.

We all have those friends who make self deprecating remarks about themselves and you think…what the hell are you talking about?? We think you are fantastic, beautiful, fun, life would not be the same without you…..but to the receiver of that information…..the ears are on auto pilot deaf. Depression is a serious, aching, desperate feeling of unworthiness. A low point in a deep hole that appears to have no light to see a way out.

Most people can’t handle people who are depressed in their lives because they see their behavior has negative. But what they fail to realize is that when their friend is deep in that hole….its like a possession. You’re in there…..but you can’t get out…you’re screaming but nobody hears you…..the exterior of you is demonized by a cloak of dark clouds.

So…..what do you do? You can seek therapy, you can seek free counseling thru your friends, you can busy yourself…..if you believe in a higher power…you can pray for God’s healing. Usually we start with free counseling from our friends. Why do we do that?

I liken friendships to that of a flock of birds. The saying goes…birds of a feather flock. We see them flock on trees, power lines, by the water….and in a V formation in the air. But..did you know that only some birds really fly?…why? Because they take turns catching each others drag to keep them afloat and to conserve their energy. Birds travel in flocks just like friends do. They travel in flocks for several reasons…but the reasons most comparable to humans…is to socialize, protect each other, and to use the surrounding air they fly in…in the most efficient way. Their air….is our friends words of encouragement, shoulders to cry on…..and deep tight hugs.

So for those of us who are going thru a dark spell, who are coming out of a massive dark cloud, who fight on a daily basis to stay afloat…..just know…that a good friend…has your drag…so conserve your energy until you have the strength…to have their drag….here’s to birds of a feather….may they continue to flock, your wings become lighter and your soul soar…..CHEERS!!!


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