Do you see me??…..

Nothing drives me crazier than people who say “I don’t see color” when referring to a black friend.  Obviously you see them…. If they wore a red shoe and a blue shoe everyday… certainly would see it….but as a friend… wouldn’t tease them or make a big deal out of it everyday.  Same with “color”.  You clearly see they don’t look like you…….but what you don’t do is point it out…..what you don’t do is make them feel different or out of place.  They are your friend. 

It’s also very interesting that when there is a minority in the group……its okay to venture into areas that look more like the majority…….but when its time to venture into an area that doesn’t look like them… you get the question “How bad would we stand out?”…….just about as bad as the minority in your group stands out.  Uh oh…..I think you just saw “color”….

No matter how you slice it… see color before you know the person.  You may judge them simply on their look…before they even open their mouth to speak.  You don’t know what they sound like or where they come from….all you see is them. 

If a child is taught at an early age to speak by a particular race of people……they learn to speak and imitate those that are teaching them.   People think proper english sounds “white” and that is the acceptable language.  Speak anything other than that…….Uh oh….here comes the color patrol… fact…you could be blind folded and name that color or race!!

There are some hilarious stereotypes of all races and ethnicities……being comfortable to talk about them amongst friends shows maturity and true friendship.  Please don’t think that your black, mexican, or asian friends represent their entire race…..they don’t.  They just so happen to fall into a category of rich historical culture that is a far better story to tell than most.  Stories of racism, ignorant people and personal funnies that are far better than you can ever come up with!!  They are embarrassed, outraged and passionate about their race….and for you to say…..I don’t see color….means you really don’t see them for the rich heritage, fabulous food, historical epithets and fabulous diversity they add to your life.  They know you love them because you are their friend…….we all have something to share and learn. 

 Knowledge is power…..and the key to lasting friendships.   Here’s to all the colors in the world….where is Benetton when you need them!!…People learn what they live…..and they live what they learn…..and they teach their children the same…..CHEERS!!!


One thought on “Do you see me??…..

  1. Reblogged this on CHEERS!! and commented:

    Update in 2015…..I wrote this article 4 years ago. Who knew that it would be even more relevant today. With the rise of protests specifically around the injustices surrounding black lives, its more apparent to me that those who say they don’t see color or are ‘color blind’, should really think about that statement.

    Many are angry with the constant media coverage and the infamous black lives matter hashtag. Anger is like liquid encouragement. It reveals peoples true feelings. Strong emotion often reveals feelings and attitudes that are only reserved for ‘closed door’ conversations. The blatant racism in response to the news coverage, Tweets, Facebook posts and the myriad of social media outlets reveals the true feelings of many who claim, when not angry, that they are “colorblind” and treat everyone the same.

    A friend shared this comment with me in response to a post I shared regarding why shutting down a highway meant something as an act of protest. I think that this speaks volumes to the behavior that manifests itself in people. Think about it….think about yourself.

    Saying your are…..”Color blind” really isn’t true love… Sometimes people say “I’m colorblind” meaning, I’m cool with you as long as your color/race perspective on life is the same as mine or doesn’t make me uncomfortable. True love says “I love my brown friend & I will be in alliance with her. I will recognize the struggle, acknowledge history, understand the present circumstances. True love is willing to confront racism, true love means recognizing differences and loving them, true love is being an ally. It says, WHEN SOME PEOPLE DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRAGEDY OF INJUSTICE TOWARD PEOPLE OF COLOR, I WILL SAY THAT BLACK LIVES do MATTER. True Love sees color & loves it!”

    Here’s to those who were not afraid to stand in alliance with their friends and strangers during the civil rights movement…..and here’s to those same friends and strangers who realize that to see color is to love your fellow man and woman so much that you will stand with them, protect them & make a difference. CHEERS!!

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