Got Dress Code?……

Where do I even begin…..its such a ridiculous episode of events…..and only funny after the fact….and hopefully the third time is a charm and my husband will listen to me in the future.  Yes, my husband.  

We went out for date night a couple of weeks back and as I put on my sassy ruffle top and summer dress shorts….I watch as he puts on plaid cargo shorts and a white Calvin Klein t-shirt….a basic white T with the little CK emblem on the left.  I say to him….don’t you have anything else to wear?  He says No….his usual response.  I shop for him…I know he has clothes.

We drive 35 minutes to the club where we are to attend a birthday party for one friend and help his sister and her husband celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary….perfect…two birds with one stone.  As we go to enter, the security stops my husband and says……..”I’m sorry sir, you can’t wear white t-shirts on a saturday night in this club”……I look back at him…and am so pissed…that I just walk out.  We walk to the car and I say to him….what did I ask you before we left??  His comment “that’s why I don’t go out”…..lame comment in my book!  I tell him to take me back and I will speak with management because he doesn’t look sloppy and we drove one heck of a distance….and I  certainly don’t want my outfit to go to waste!!  The owner is an older woman who takes to me right away.  She comes outside to take a look at his outfit……..she says….”oh no…a white t”….she explains to him why they have a dress code and then tells him that she will let him in this time but next time there is no excuse.   This episode happens to be Charm Number Three……….I will give you the short and sweet version of number one and two….because they are like a bad saga of 50 first dates…….

Charm Number One………..

We went on our annual family trip to Atlanta.  My husband and I always make it a point to have at least one night together for date night.  Having gone to college in Atlanta, I told my husband while we were packing that he needed to take a pair of dress slacks because there are clubs that you cannot get into if you are wearing jeans.   We get to Atlanta……no dress slacks.   We go out for our date night and the first club we go to…..”I’m sorry sir, but we can’t let you in in jeans”….I roll my eyes and say…SEE I TOLD YOU!!!   There was no talking to management on that one…they didn’t care that we weren’t from there and had driven 8 hours to spend our money in their establishment.  sigh….off to the local hole in the wall we went.

Charm Number Two……

We went to my husband’s family reunion in Las Vegas…..we even went so far as to combine it with our annual family trip.  As we were packing…(do you feel dejavou coming on??)….I told him he needed take a pair of dress shoes because there are clubs in Vegas that you cannot get into if you are wearing sandals.  Now he had smartened up to this point and took a pair of dress slacks.  We get to Vegas… dress shoes in the bag……really??   Its date night…..and off to the club of my choice we go.  Its our turn to be let in….wait for it……….”I’m sorry sir, we cannot let you in wearing sandals”….my husband “Why?”… the security “Its our dress code” ….did you hear that oh mightier than the dress code husband??? DRESS CODE!  This time…..he went back to the hotel….ALONE!  I stayed and partied with the rest of his family.

I consider a track record at least 3 occurrences……..and if it happens in more than 3 states… need to admit that you have a problem…with listening and following simple rules….like PACKING and DRESS CODE!  Since this was clearly my 3rd example of him not adhering to policy…it is now official that I must buy him an outfit prior to us going out, pack his clothes and re-inspect the bag before we leave….all for a grown man….really??

I really hope 3 different states, 3 different clubs, and 3 different examples helps him understand that DRESS CODE means just that…..and it will be enforced to the full extent of security oversight.  … and…. it’s really embarrassing!!!

Here’s to getting it right so there is no FOURTH time!!….what would he do without me???….oh yeah….stay home!  CHEERS!!


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