Gotta love Wal-Mart……

Every year my husbands family heads to the Lake of the Ozarks…the main family comes from MO and the others come from Arkansas or Tennesee and drive in…..this is our 15th year going down.  Every year is generally the same……we trail each other down, settle in to our resort, divy up the food and supply list, we cook dinner for 2 nights and eat as a family, we complain about the rain every year, the kids swim, we lay out at the pool, we drink, we play games, we laugh til we cry and then we pack up and go home on Memorial day. 

And to add to the fun….there is always a fun drama story that makes us laugh…even when we are pissed at the time of the event.  Well this year….was my turn.  After divying up the food and supply list we head to Wal-Mart……and there is always something we forget so we end up going back at least 2 to 3 times while we are there.  This was my second trip and we needed a few other supplies for Saturday nights dinner….Steak, baked potatoes and salad…!!

On my way out of the store, the husband calls and asks me to pick him up some bud light.  Mind you I have already purchased all my goods and now have to go clear to the other side of the store to the liguor “club”.  I pick up a 24 pack of bud light and head to the check out.  I tell the lady this is all I need to pay for because I have paid for the 2 bags of ice and other items in the Wal-Mart bags.  She says okay……but wait for it……….ol’ Mr. John the People Greeter has to have a looksy.  He asks me if I paid for the ice.  I say yes…he asks me for my receipt.  I tell him I don’t have the receipt but can get it.  Let’s back up……my cousin paid for the ice on her bill….and I went over to the ice machine and got it and put it in my cart for her.  Now back to John……he says well let me see the receipt for the other items…..I say they are in the bags and show them to him.  He refuses to let me out of the store until  I can produce a receipt for 2.28 plus tax for the ice.  Mind you the entire liquor “club” is staring like really??…  My cousin brings in the receipt for John to confirm.  I pay and ask the checkout lady if she needs to see my ID for my debit card….she says No mam…you’ve been thru enough.

At this point, I’m pissed…..clearly I don’t have time to steal 2.28 worth of ice.  I call the store and ask for the manager.  He sighs and says….we don’t even check people unless they look suspicious or the alarms go off as they leave the store…and usually its our fault the alarm went off.  He said you wouldn’t believe the people who actually bring Wal-Mart bags into the store and help themselves….I don’t have a criminal mind….who thinks of this craziness??  He also asked me if John was checking anyone else…..not that I saw!!…he was just all over me!! He said John was fairly new and that told me exactly where John’s head was….he was just doing his job. 

The manager said he would speak to John…I said Thank you hung up the phone….and poured myself a tall glass of vodka!!  I’m actually proud of myself because when he said “we only check people if they look suspicious”…the naughty in me wanted to say….does being black make you look suspicious??…..but this was not about race in my opinion… was about John executing his keep the store safe because I’m new power. 

The manager probably would have thought I was being funny if I had said it because I’m the “sounds white on the phone” girl…so I just laughed to myself……I guess carrying a coach purse, wearing heels and a gazillion accessories makes me look suspicious considering the majority of the people in Wal-Mart are hoosalicous!!  No matter where you go……if you go to a Wal-Mart…..the people generally all look the same!!… I guess I “stood” out…..classic fun!  No harm no foul….just a story to make light of and laugh laugh laugh!!!

Here’s to the men and women who have fought for our country to keep us safe……Enjoy your ability to eat in peace on this Memorial Day…….CHEERS!!


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