Addictions…..are they all harmful to your health?

So on a daily we hear about this star or that star going into rehab, falling off the wagon….or just plain appearing to have lost it in front of America….WINNING!!!  The addictions they have are the same addictions us commoners have….the difference…..we aren’t in the public eye and we definitely in a good way are not blessed with the amount of extra cash that they have .. otherwise we may be worse off!!

There are many addictions……alcohol, drugs, sex, prescription drugs, smoking……..but what about the ones that we really don’t think about as addictions….like….but not limited to…shoes, purses, clothes, Facebook, & food. These are the addictions that are brought out in the plethora of reality shows.  … Hoarders, I’m Addicted to Food…….hmmmm…..

Well, I can honestly say I am addicting to shopping.  My mom and I used to go shopping every weekend when I was a child………Famous Barr (now Macy’s) was always having a SALE!!  As I got older, it became a therapy session of sorts…..a way to control my postpartum depression….but the depression could not be tamed by shopping alone….that had to be managed by a different type of  educational degree than what I possess.   

Once that episode passed…….I still shopped…..and it was still pure pleasure!!  I call it my three E’s……excitement, enjoyment, & exilaration….at times I truly think it was the best feeling ever!! As time passed I realized I had worked myself into a shopping debt.  Not any amount that I couldn’t handle…as long as I had a  job……but I knew at some point….I was going to have to come to the realization that shopping either had to go…..or be tamed.

So…..I came up with a plan.  Shopping SMART….See it, Mark it, Analyze it, Review it, and then Time it.  Each of these steps will either get you your find at the best price or allow you to reap the price adjustment if you just gotta have it!!  Options to getting the best deal…..Coupons & working part-time…..these 2 options are a girls best friend.  Working part-time at your fav store….allows you to become a smarter shopper.  You learn the business, from when merchandise comes out to the floor, to when merchandise goes on sale.   And ladies (and men) NEVER NEVER EVER… full price!! 

Now there are studies out there that try to get into the minds of shoppers, women in particular…how we just can’t pass up a good deal.  But…we are women, if you are a really good shopper, you not only know a good deal when you see it…….but you make money!!  And most studies say…….shopping is good for your health!!…..walking, lifting, talking, smiling, adding up your purchase before you get to the counter… all keeps a mind and body good!!

So I tamed my shopping habit…….somewhat…. I don’t spend nearly as much…..but I walk out feeling just as accomplished!….I mean who wouldn’t want to buy the jeans & get the shirt and belt FREE….and with tax they paid me money to take the jeans out of the store! 

Here’s to improving your health!!…..CHEERS!!!


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