So you’ve practiced chivalry 101 for several months / years… you can slowly add in chivalry 102.  This is around 3rd grade …they are strong enough now to do this task…and will enjoy the independence of it!! 

Opening Car doors – this is any easy one to teach.  This must be done two different ways….depending on age – child or adult male.  Slow track is for beginners who have never seen anyone do it….ask your son to open the door for you.  They are 7 or 8 at this point so they still do what they are told.  Tell him the reason for this action is to ensure you get into the car safely….boys love their momma’s….they will think they are the protectors!  Practice the art of opening the door each time you two go somewhere together.  This action coupled with opening the building door makes for great re-enforcement. 

Fast track – this is for men who have never opened a door, were trained but have forgotten, or were never trained and need a crash course.  Simply walk to the car…..and stand there….he has probably already gotten into the car and is wondering what you are doing.  Don’t move……  If he reaches over inside the car and opens the door for you….close it back…..he will eventually get the point. 

Second piece to Fast track – when you get to your destination……don’t move.  Sit in the car until he comes around and opens the door for you.  If he gets out of the car and starts to walk away….don’t move…..and then think about it….do you really want to be with a man who has no regard for your safety?…or if you are even walking beside him??….now that’s a whole nother blog for a different day……but these are signs….. 

You can teach an old dog new tricks……give it a try!!!……kind gestures reap rewards….they may want to think about it…..

So you have learned the top 4 chivalry needs that can begin at kindergarten…..101 & 102.  This is about all that can be trained until they are about 16 – driving age.  At driving age…you move to chivalry 103….these tools will take him into adulthood……….stay tuned………

Here’s to gentlemen!!….CHEERS!!


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