Chivalry 101….

There are few things in life that are just simply special to you…….for me…..its good ol fashion chivalry.  It doesn’t take a genius to learn the ropes but it does take practice and a good trainer.  Chivalry should be learned at a very early age…..think of it as puppy kindergarten.  Start them out small like, letting your son open the door to the store for you.  He doesn’t realize at this point he’s being trained….he’s just excited that he gets to open the door all by himself!!  Lesson 1 already down at 5 years old.

Next……pushing the elevator button….see…I’m talkin’ very small….this can usually begin in kindergarten or 1st grade.  They are now tall enough to reach the buttons & have learned what numbers are.  Lesson 2…..complete!

Next……pulling out chairs…..see…I haven’t gotten big time yet.  This can begin around 1st to 2nd grade.  They are strong enough to pull it out….and really don’t realize they are doing anything special except for helping mommy pull her chair out because her hands are full and she wants to place dinner on the table and immediately sit down.  Lesson 3…..check!!

Practice those 3 lessons over and over…..consistently… some point as they grow older….they may begin to wonder why it’s now always their job…..but by then…it will be second nature.   And remember…..what a man does for his momma…..he will do for his lady…….

If you are married or have a significant other who never learned chivalry as a child….you will need to make sure that you train them those 3 lessons as well….but immediately!  Start them out slow….you don’t want to overwhelm them or give them the I’m a victim please help mentality either. 

Small gestures go a long way…..chivalry can be the key to many paths of appreciation received.  Stay tuned for Chivalry 102………

Here’s to the chivalry theory…..CHEERS!!!


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