What does our kids relationship have to do with us??….

There comes a time when you have to have a strong enough relationship with people you really like to look past the fact that the fun you have with your adult friends may not be the same fun that your children have with your adult friends children.  We give birth to extroverts and introverts with their own special personalities.  Just like us. 

While you may be an extrovert with 1000 friends….your child may be an introvert with 2….or worse yet….you give birth to yourself in the form of a male…and your friends give birth to introverts.  Your extrovert does not play well with their introvert………so how does that impact your relationship with your friend??.. Should it impact it? 

In my humble opinion…I say NO!..it should not impact it.  Kids are kids and as long as they are being disciplined according to their behavior, your friend should still be your friend.  Old skool moms don’t play games and grounding and taking away enjoyable activities is pure pleasure!  Don’t have an attitude with me or take out your frustration on me because you aren’t happy with an episode with the younger versions of us.  We are adults….just bring the issue…talk it out like adults and move forward.  One has nothing to do with the other unless the other is acting like the younger!!…and in that case…something has truly gone wrong.  And you can best believe, that your child is no angel….so don’t be fooled….

People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.  We all have something that we can be belittled about and if you’re going to be sneaky with your stones….Karma will find you and throw a boulder at your charming life.

Here’s to continuing to be sincere, being good to everyone and realizing that you could be losing a very nice person over someone who is going thru puberty……CHEERS!!!


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