Drama Magnet…..

Drama is like a magnet waiting to suck your face off because you can’t stop looking……you want to turn away….but you can’t … you just gotta see the end result…. you just gotta endure someone elses misfortune…and then thank God that it wasn’t you.

Do we even really care about the person??…most of the time we don’t even know them…..are we secretly happy about their misfortune??….well, not us normal people…we hurt for them….but the humans….well…..they are happy to see someone take as many steps backwards as possible so they can stay that many steps ahead.

There is a difference between being nosey….and being concerned…. a signifcant fine line that is easily crossed without the person even knowing……check your relationship status before getting involved in the drama.  Dependent on the drama….you may not like the response you receive.

Here’s to learning to be genuine and meaning every word you say from the heart…..CHEERS!!!


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