Keeping up!!…

So here I blog again….its been awhile….but this is still a work in progess….I’m trying to keep up with it all and motivate myself!! Blogging is like optional recreation…at least for me…some folks blog for a living…which gives them more incentive to do it…since they are most likely getting paid!!…some folks blog because they have a huge following that is expecting some words of wisdom, nuggets of knowledge to manage their daily grind or even some helpful support group among other reasons to blog. I don’t have a huge following and am really doing this to have some mindless me document a funny moment, whine about the world today, protest the insanity of our nation or just write whatever comes to mind…

So what’s on my mind today…..its Sunday morning….rain is falling….makes me wanna hum a little Maroon 5….as I sat on my porch this morning with my baileys and coffee…I noticed that I was the only one with snow still in her yard!!…I really dislike snow….still trying to figure out its purpose! My husband says we still have snow because of the way our house faces…I am going to go with its a conspiracy and the snow is just sticking around to remind me of it.  People have tried to convince me that snows purpose is the same as rains….hmmmm…..not buying it.  There are plenty of states who don’t get snow!!….I think Arizona is going to be my retirement focus…..I’d rather be hot and wearing flip flops, shorts and a tank top anyday! Its actually expensive to live in the cold!  Think of all the extra you spend on hats, gloves, earmuffs, boots, snowsuits, long underwear and much more….just to deal with the cold season!  Not to mention….flu season!!….do people get the flu in hot places??

I’m super excited about my book club meeting coming up!!  We are reading – Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons….its good….the friendship these neighborhood wives have….reminds me of my social butterfly life.  I LOVE people and going here and there………..but I must say….as the years go on…..being a social butterfly tends to limit your ability to form close bonds with people.  Butterflies light from flower to flower, leaf to leaf…..they are free and happy….but they don’t live long…so maybe that’s why they get around so fast!!  I have what I call Clique Attention Deficit….I get bored easily and prefer to spend my time with lots of mini groups vs one single clique.  How can you learn from others when everyone you are with looks and acts like you…..I am blessed with friends from all natures……but I find that as you get older….settling into a clique….may be the best bet…..they really know you….your birthday, your kids names, your parents, what makes you tick and what makes you sick…. and they really care what happens to you.  Sometimes being a social butterfly can limit your ability to form lifelong bonds…..hmmmm something to think about.    … But I love my book club!…I guess I have writers attention deficit too!!!…

Here’s from one tangent to another…and to figuring out the butterfly balance….CHEERS!!


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