Give me a beat!….

Its GRAMMY night!!!….WOW! One of my favorite shows to watch and they are even doing a 3D Michael Jackson performance…I’m all excited to see this amazing feat!..I even have my 3D glasses from when the family went to see Avatar! I hope they work on your TV at home!!

To get myself all pumped up…I decided to watch the 2hr special on the TVGuide channel … LIVE action of all the stars arriving!!…and they are all HOT! Its just amazing to me how people can go from ordinary everyday run of the mill small town or big town folks….to absolutely rockstar entertainers!  But like in all things…there are the few who stand the test of time and continue to rock us out….and then…there are the one hit wonders….who sometimes leave you wondering….where are they now?….that was my jam back in the day! 

I wonder if my kids will have the same thoughts when they are my age about entertainers…….back in the day….we had soulful, boogie down music!….and these days… I only dance to the beat, because I can’t understand the words!….half of the time I don’t even know the name of the song or the artist for that matter.  But give me some Whitney Houston, some Madonna, some Janet Jackson and I can tell you the name and sing the entire song!….

So tune in to KMOV/Ch4 for some star studded, rockstar stompin’, hip shakin’, groove thang madness!!!….CHEERS!!!


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