Got Books?…..

I love my book club! Its actually forcing me to READ!…I love to READ…but I spend more time on the internet, working and running the kids around town…who has time to READ???!!!….so my book club gives me a release to have a mindless moment and get down deep into a good book. The women in my group are beautiful and successful in their own rights…I am so inspired by each of their stories and lives….I live vicariously thru each of them! There is always something you can learn from other people. I am blessed to have been picked to be in such a phenomenal club….and no, you can’t join my book club….entrance is closed….that’s the only child coming out in me….I’m not sharing!!….heehee…!

So here’s to a good book, a glass of baileys on the rocks and a good chat session about it!!…CHEERS!!


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