Scrapbooking….like Totally Tubular!!

So one of my other hobbies I started many moons ago is scrapbooking. Scrapbookers are like Martha Stewart on steroids! I am attending the Totally Tubular 80’s mad crazy crop party this weekend! 3 days…15 hour day scrapbooking, prizes, best of the 80’s dress contest….um…whooaaa!!! I just came to get a few pages done! There is so much activity going on! And like any activity, someone has to whine…someone’s music is too loud, the candle smell is giving someone a migraine…blah blah….that’s what happens when you get a lot of women in the same room…for that long!! One thing about scrapbooking I’ve noticed….its not a very diverse craft. Its like a hidden society of cricket users, stickers, and glue…….layout, design, glue!!!! Some have incredible scrapbooks…others….have absolutely no creativity….there are books for these people to show them step by step.  

As I sip my cherry vodka thru out the day…and night…..

Here’s to a fabulous scrapbook of me and my husbands trip to Paris!!…(um, little behind…the pics are from 2008!)…CHEERS!!!


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