My husband’s new “hobby”…….

So I guess my husband is feeling left out since I have latched on to a couple new hobbies this year…so he decided…after 6 years of living in our new house..guess after 6 years its not so new anymore …. he decided to use our fireplace. I have been keeping him away from it for years because its so pretty clean!!!….the fireplace is my favorite part of our house….CLEAN!!!…so off he goes….buys the grate, the little fireplace set and wood….grrr!!!………the soot and nasty ashes just are not working for me!…He always gets a wild hair up his ass and decides he wants to do something without a compromisable conversation to save his ass! So…we have fire in our fireplace…am I warm? Hell NO!…its freezing cold…except for the small amount of heat coming out of his weak little fire…boy am I FIRED up!! Now I have a stinky house…a dirty fireplace and frozen toes!!! Never ceases to amaze me what a day will bring….

Heres to my husband and his new found joy!!…Hope he enjoys sleeping in front of it on the couch!!…CHEERS!!


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