Tolerate and Forgive……Are we UNITED?

So I took a couple blog days off…told you I needed some motivation!!….well…I got some! If you read my About…you know what my blog intentions are…so here goes!!

Gotta love Facebook!!…I have met and befriended a lot of people in this world and the best part about it all…is I hope that their intentions are real, open and honest and that I have picked the best friends and acquaintances out of the crop. Even being acquainted with someone can have a reflection on you. Birds of a feather flock…so they say….but I say…..not all birds look like the other but can still be a feathered flock.

There are 2 things that the old adage says you should never talk about….Religion and Politics…but if you don’t talk about them…how do you learn and educate yourself…you just might learn something swayed to a new light…or learn to be tolerant and forgiving. Well….I have learned to be tolerant and forgiving…remember…I have lots of people that I know from all creeds, races, religions, and political arenas. So…let’s get to the good part….

I LOVE LOVE to read other people’s facebook content because it gives me food for thought, a good laugh and just lets you know where folks heads are really at. I was reading a facebook link about the many lies our government continues to spew…what’s new…well, the difference is our president is black…and with that comes an open invitation to throw in a stereotype or two every now and again. So I was reading thru the comments from the link…..some were educational, some were a little “death” defying and well, hell, some were just plain funny. But the funny stopped when, and I quote, this comment was made… “Michelle is going to bring her guns to St.Louis, find you and open up a can of Woop ass on you if you don’t stop talking about the babies daddy, like this”….the next comment was from someone who apparently was being funny, but you know sometimes funnies can be the scary fictional truth and asked how their “group” meetings were going(I will refrain from indicating said “group”). I of course had to make a comment like I always do to lighten it up a bit….but truly, that comment would not have been said, had our president not been black…  Now, at first I thought he meant her gorgeous arms….which he could have been trying to be funny and truly referring too….but….that is stretching it because there is always a hidden inkling of truth to be told……enough said…

I don’t want anyone to sensor or monitor what they say on their fb pages….you are accountable for your own words and expressed actions…and those who you have added to your facebook page are your friends and acquaintances and know your true intentions.  I do appreciate the honesty and the passion in which America has jumped on the political band wagon. We are not going to be lied to, dictated to or have our hard earned rights and dollars taken from us….without our permission! I get it…and I’m on board…Power to the People!!…but the power of the people can be diminished by the inability to see past the divide.

United we stand….divided we fall….Heres to everyone learning to be tolerant and forgiving….CHEERS!!


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