Let it friggin’ SNOW……!!

Okay….so the “first” real snow of the season has come upon St. Louis, so Mike Bush from channel 5 says….seriously….just like a full moon…when it snows…the crazies come out! For some strange reason people want to drive FASTER in the snow…but let it rain…turtledumb happens upon them. The trophy dummies are the folks in their trucks who think because they have 4 wheel drive they won’t end up in a ditch….well, front wheel drivers…you keep taking your time!! ..and I’ll be right there with you…..toodlelin’ along…I’ll get there sooner or later!! For all the big trucks who want to drive like its a clear sunny day….I will gladly stay out of your way!! I personally will be on a snow schedule tomorrow. Back in the day…schools didn’t close….you were put on a snow schedule!!…these kids these days are just spoiled….

So let it friggin’ SNOW!!….and be done!..enough already!…I am so ready for my shorts, tank top and flip flops more than you know…I’m in such denial that I am still wearing slingbacks and peep toe shoes just to pretend in my delusional world that its still summer!! I may have been born in the midwest….but my breed does not like cold and least of all SNOW!! The states that got 10inches or more….my apologies…..maybe we all should fly south for the winter like the damn birds…they obviously are smarter than we are!..

To warm coffee with alot of baileys!!…CHEERS!!


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