Biggest Loser…..let the tears flow

Season 9 of the Biggest Loser premiered tonight….I think this is the first show where the entire group of contestants were crying…crying…and more crying!! I cried the entire show!! Why does this show have such an affect on me? The stories they tell…24 and never kissed a boy…..ready to find love and doesn’t feel like someone could love a 400 pound man….ug…pass the tissues.

Damn food!!…why are you so yummy!!…I love to eat!…not as much as they do…I think I would puke if I ate as much as some of them described…but the pounds are still there….according to my sparkpeople…I got about 25 to lose…huh???…I wanna know what dismal spark came up with that number!! Damn again!!…how about the guy who weighed 526 pounds and lost 34 pounds in a week…seriously?…can we say WATER!!..was that really weight??

The Biggest Loser looks like it will rock again just like the past 8 seasons…..they are always so HOT after they drop the weight…although some look older after they lose the weight. Its like the wrinkles jump out and take over their faces. Some are actually cuter….chubby…crazy!!

I’m also interested in watching Confessions of a Biggest Loser…I don’t remember what channel its coming on but I am going to find it! Its about the guy from season 6 I believe that won!!…and now is just as big as he was when started…he and his wife claim the show hypes you up…and then drops you off on the nearest deserted corner…sooo you can’t do it alone buddy??….let’s blame the show…..let’s forget all the education and tools they gave you to fish for yourself…..and they left you a year’s supply of I still look skinny mirrors and ding dongs…..where is the accountability?….hmmm…….should be interesting!

Here’s to Season 9!!…CHEERS!


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