Ladies win this double standard….!

For centuries women have been subject to double standards….Sleep with one “two” many men, you are labled some pretty names….stay home from work because your child is sick….you know the comments….exhibit strong leadership and ambition…you get the queen B title.. On the flip side, man stays at home from work…such a good dad….a man sleeps with a lot of women….bring on the trophy….yall get my double standard examples.

As I was driving to work this morning…I noticed the cutest car ever…totally expecting to see a sassy lady behind the wheel…what do I find? A MAN!…there are just some cars that men should not drive. A woman can rock a sassy sports car to a minivan, an SUV, to a really big truck…but a man….so sorry, this is one double standard you lose on. You are not cool in anything yellow and certain cars are just meant to be driven by a woman….but a woman…can drive any car she wants!!…finally a double standard that we win!!

Here’s to rockin’ your next hot ride ladies!! CHEERS!


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