My Spark!

So its day 2 of my journey to blogville…..and I want to share my new exciting website that found me!!  Somehow I must have filled out something that sent my info off to we better help her lose weight thru a virtual resource land.  I normally don’t open these types of emails but this one had an intriguing news article that caught my attention.  It was simply titled, A Healthier New YOU, well its the first of the year and since I am on resolution steriods I figured why not take a peak. 

To my amazement I found the best site ever!!  I joined the site and am now on my journey to a healthier new ME!  This site rocks!  It tracks your nutrition, plans meals for you…yes, PLANS MEALS FOR YOU, allows you to print those meals weeks in advance, tracks your fitness, tracks your weight and measurements and MUCH MORE!!  I’m stoked, hooked and feeling in control!  There is a Spark Diet too…haven’t gotten that far yet…hey..its only day 2! 

You also get Spark Points…haven’t figured out what those are good for yet…but they mean something!  There is a wealth of health information on the site for anyone…young, old, with specific disease states, with specific needs in certain stages of life and lots of groups with helpful feeback.  I also saw something on the site about attaching it to your blog…gotta find it again…but in the interim…here is the website for anyone interested in joining me and my new found treasure!!

If you do use the site….drop me a comment and let me know how it benefited you!!  I will be sure to keep myself updated thru the virtual world of blogging so I don’t forget how its working for me too!    Get your SPARK people!!!….

Here’s to a healthier NEW YOU!!!……CHEERS!


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