Blogging Day 1

Its 2010…and like every year, I have to start a new hobby…let’s see how long I can keep this one going.  As in past years, my hobby starts off strong….dwindles within a few months and then virtually becomes non-existant unless its a social hobby and people give me a nudge to get my butt in gear.  Since this is a hobby that is solo…I’m going to have to definitely motivate myself!!…hmmm….good luck girl! 

I picked this hobby this year….because I’ve been looking for a way to express myself…all that pent up stress and creative thinking needs a place to live.  So, I decided to jump on the blogging wagon and see where the ride takes me!  I really hope that I can find motivation from other peoples blogs on this site….the inspiration is definitely there…just look around ya!..there is always something funny, sad, disturbing, or heartstring tearing that needs somebody’s opinion…so why not let it be mine!

Here’s to blogging in 2010….CHEERS!!


2 thoughts on “Blogging Day 1

  1. You’re amazing. “This is the beginning of your new life…today is nothing like yesterday! Today i can respond to your thoughts…yesterday i found out about old news after it was over”. REMEMBER: “You are the key to how the words/waters flow from the reservoir of your collected life/lake; let the water fall like heavens tears, healing the drought of silent requests for healing, conversation(s) & fears!” adas09′ (my uncle). Peace~! å.

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